MACCLID believes that collective collaboration is the key to a better community. Our logo represents the aforementioned. Each pillar contributes in its own way to ensure that the community thrives. Each hand represents current and future partnerships.


Our overall goal is to build a better community. This hand carries both a literal and figurative meaning. We strive to build a better community through our various community endeavors and initiatives. In addition to this, we plan to partner with members of the community in various development projects to ensure growth.


Military support is a key component to MACCLID. Building relationships with military personnel and community patrons creates a significant bond. We honor our troops by partnering with local bases to ensure that our servicemen and women are recognized for their dedication to ensuring rights & freedoms.

Having adequate health services is vital to a community. Through our Community Health Initiative, we strive to provide health services and resources in underserved communities to ensure better health outcomes.

Businesses are a key structure in the economics of a community. Large corporations and small businesses enhance economic growth in the community. MACCLID supports and partners with local business to encourage growth in the communities in which these businesses operate.

Education and literacy are extremely important because it is the vehicle that allows for a community to grow it next generation. Through our STEM initiative, MACCLID strives to encourage a love of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. This will create more interest in STEM related concepts and possibly encourage individuals to pursue jobs in STEM fields.

Sports and recreation are recognized as positive ways to reinforce character, self-esteem and humility. Through the annual Iron Sharpens Iron Youth Camp, we use spiritual principles to teach the importance of preparation, teamwork and healthy living habits to accompany in character building qualities. These qualities are necessary in building a better community.