In 2012, Clinton McDonald set out to impact his community through youth outreach. He set a goal to have an annual youth football camp in an effort to educate young football players and instill positive beliefs and values in those who participate. Each year, the camp continues to grow and is seen as a blessing to the community. At the 4th Annual Football and Cheer Camp, over 350 youth throughout Central and South Arkansas were able to showcase their athletic abilities. The camp provided lunch as well as educational seminars for high school participants and their families. Volunteer barbers were also on location to provide free haircuts to camp participants. The day would not be complete without a few encouraging words from Mr. McDonald who ensures that the participants know that without Christ, none of this would be possible. All in all, the overall aim is to serve, assist, and uplift the community. These key points, which are highlighted in the organization’s mission statement, will continue to motivate this organization to serve the underserved.